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"All the basic necessities are done very well"
In 1995, Honda revolutionized the automotive industry by introducing the CR-V. The Japanese carmaker's creation was one of the pioneers of the compact crossover segment, and as demand for more practicality and capability grew, the CR-V improved with every
Clash of the crossovers
This year is turning out to be a particularly intriguing one for fans of the crossover. Anyone who has been on the hunt for one was treated to a trifecta of arrivals from some of the country's top manufacturers-the all-
Pretty and practical
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.The all-new Honda CR-V has arrived, and this time the Japanese compact SUV has a couple of new tricks up its sleeve.
A quick run-through
To no one's surprise (least of all ours), the recent local launch of the all-new Honda CR-V was met with a lot of excitement from both the motoring media and the general public. Not shocking at all, given how
We had to find out
Much news was made earlier this year when it was revealed that the all-new Honda CR-V would sacrifice cargo area and instead come with a third row of seats. Would the space be sufficient? Is the nameplate biting off more
Is it a step up from the last one?
There looks to be no stopping Honda this year. The Japanese carmaker has launched car after car in quick succession over the past few months, with the Philippine arrival of a trio of refreshed models and the Civic Type R. Now, the
And it comes with a turbo
It looks like the BR-V won't be the only SUV option from Honda in the near future. The all-new fifth-generation CR-V has just been announced, and initial impressions are promising. The US media site says it will
Making all the good things even better
There are more SUVs in the Honda CR-V's price range than you have fingers to count with. There are other faster, sexier, cheaper (or pricier) and ritzier (or simpler) SUVs, yet I have to admit there's always a place
More hushed, more refined and more comfortable
While the Toyota RAV4 started the whole "crossover" thing, it was the Honda CR-V that perfected the formula. Among compact gasoline crossovers, the CR-V is king. At one point, it even threatened the untouchable "AUV" segment, and led to the
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