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Think of it as an i30N on stilts
Did you know today-April 27-is Hyundai N Day? Comes around quicker every year. Hopefully, your tree is up and the carols are on.We'd forgive you if you forgot to send cards, though, because it's the first N
Here’s our first proper look at the N Division’s first performance SUV
We already know a fair bit about the Hyundai Kona N: same 276hp and front-wheel drive as the i30N hot hatch, and similarly mischievous behavior, too. We just haven't, until now, known what it looks like.Here's our first
“It simply drives like an i30N with the seat ratcheted right up”
Good point, and I'm not sure it's camouflage when it's emblazoned with the company's logo, either. It's like army fatigues with the word 'soldier' repeated all over them. But I think the point is Hyundai wants you
You tell us
We've been waiting around for Hyundai to finally reveal the Kona N for quite a while already, but it looks like we're finally going to see this performance crossover break cover real soon.See, Hyundai has just released a series
The performance sedan has recently hit the streets, and we get a sneak peek
We recently got our first look at the upcoming Hyundai N models, including the Elantra N. If you, like us, got excited for Hyundai's new performance sedan, then get this: the camouflaged car just hit the streets, and the Korean carmaker
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