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Would you like to see this SUV arrive in PH?
Here it is, ladies and gents. As promised, Lexus has now fully unveiled the LX600.This next-generation LX debuts with a more modern design inside and out. The signature Lexus grille is still present, but there are bigger horizontal slats and
We now get a sneak peek at the next-generation flagship SUV
Months after the global premiere of the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser, its luxurious Lexus twin-the LX-is now set to make its first public appearance.Don't get too excited, though, as Lexus has only given us a sneak preview
This thing is built on the flagship LX570
We're not that used to seeing rugged setups on Lexus' sedans and SUVs-the brand is peak Toyota luxury and comfort, after all. That said, we wouldn't mind seeing the carmaker make some more aftermarket mods just like what it
The carmaker has also made a few changes across the range
Lexus has announced that it has just made some changes to its flagship luxury SUV, the LX570. There are some subtle tweaks across the range, a few updates to the Sport Package, and the introduction of a new LX Inspiration Series model.
A rolling castle
The LX570's biggest enemy isn't its European equivalents like the BMW X5 or the Audi Q7. Right now I can tell you the Germans drive better, but the Lexus is more comfortable. The strongest argument against it is its body
That's the LX570 we're referring to
You might have noticed on the news that President Aquino rides a white Toyota Land Cruiser to official engagements. Or you might have encountered his long presidential convoy on the road and personally seen the SUV with a '1' license plate.Well,
But only for the Russian market for now
The Toyota Land Cruiser is possibly the best SUV you can buy in its price range. If your budget is bigger, then its Lexus twin, the LX570, is waiting in Lexus Manila's spa-like showroom.But one thing that made us
Do you like the appearance?
Lexus seems to be on a mission to convince the world that it is one of the most stylish carmakers in the business. We say this because the Japanese premium marque has chosen the pomp and glamor of the annual Pebble Beach
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