Company expects coming months to be even bigger
Ford Philippines' sales are up by nine percent for April (compared to the previous month) after the American carmaker moved 677 vehicles out of its showrooms.Leading the sales charge was the Fiesta with 265 units, increasing its year-to-date sales
Can you guess what the 1000 stands for?
While the all-new Viper may be the muscle car that many people are waiting to see at the ongoing New York International Auto Show, one equally all-American vehicle will undoubtedly trump it in the horsepower department: Shelby American's Shelby
Future collectibles
Shelby American celebrates its 50th year of producing high-performance vehicles by producing a new line of anniversary-edition Ford Mustang-based GTS, GT350 and Super Snake muscle cars.The 50th-anniversary GTS is based on either the Mustang 5.0 GT
Delivery starts in September
A Ford Mustang is on display at the Manila International Auto Show to signal only one thing: the muscle car is really coming to the Philippine market.Details on the variants and technical specifications of the Philippine-market Mustang were not revealed
If we only had the money...
So, you want to top all the Gone in 60 Seconds 'Eleanor' lookalike that permeates at car shows? Then how would you like to show up in the real thing--and we mean the actual car that was in the 2000 remake
The question is when
There seems to be enough public clamor for the Ford Mustang to be sold locally--and officially--by Ford Philippines. Here's a bit of good news to start off your week: the American carmaker is finally bringing the modern descendant of
Muscle car celebrates 50 years in 2014
As Ford prepares for the Mustang's 50th anniversary in 2014, the carmaker's chief designer has hinted at a new design for the muscle car."We can't simply do an evolution of the 2005, 2010 cars," Ford chief designer J
Somewhere in Las Vegas, car nuts are drooling over these babies...<br />
Click next to check out more cars at the SEMA4. If you're one of those that think Lexus' IS 350C is a convertible that's best suited for metrosexuals, Fox Marketing is bound to change your perception with
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