This owner-type is really going places
Earlier this month, we featured the badass owner-type jeep drawing attention in the US car scene. We only chanced upon the vehicle via world-renowned motoring photographer Larry Chen's Instagram stories, and we took it upon ourselves to contact its
Now this is what we call Pinoy pride
Those of you who frequent the Top Gear Philippines website will know that we're big fans of the owner-type jeep. This vehicle-with its basic form, utilitarian roots, and its owners' no-nonsense approach toward driving one-is, in many
Do you remember driving one?
Ah, the owner-type jeep. For some, this vehicle was nothing more than a tacky or worn down old coot, covered in chrome and equipped with only the barest essentials: A set of wheels, an engine, and a steering wheel and pedals.
Cooler than most factory-made sedans
In the wee hours of today, we posted on our Facebook page a photo of a lowered owner-type jeep that had been used as a bridal car by an awesome couple. The owner of the jeep sent us that photo, which
Owned by a Filipino, of course
When we saw the above photo in our mailbox--sent by Rick Obina--we initially thought it was just another one of those stainless-steel owner-type jeeps that boasted some modded parts. But then we looked closely and realized the background
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