Proper lighting goes a long way towards road safety
If you've driven along Ortigas Avenue in the past, you know parts of the thoroughfare suffer from a serious lack of lighting. The area on and around Rosario Bridge, in particular, is an example of this.Well, motorists who regularly pass
The first LGU-led protected bike lane with an integrated intersection treatment
A lot of work still needs to be done before Metro Manila becomes a bike-friendly urban space. At the very least, though, various local government units are taking several steps to improve life for cyclists within their respective cities.Pasig City,
After 12 long years
Huge changes for Pasig City: After 12 years, mayor Vico Sotto announced that around 1,800 tricycle drivers who are currently operating illegally in the city can now apply for a legitimate franchise through Executive Order No. 70 Series of 2021."Labing-
A damaged drain line is to blame
The investigation into what caused the massive cracks along Topaz Road in Ortigas continues. In our previous story, we reported that the city's engineer cited an old drainage system as a possible culprit. Now, city mayor Vico Sotto has provided more
Burst pipes leaked water into the soil under the paved road
It seems authorities have now pinpointed a possible cause of those massive road cracks in Ortigas.According to a report by GMA News, the Pasig City local government has identified an old drainage system as one of the main causes of the
What could have caused this?
It appears the Pasig City government has a mystery on its hands over in Ortigas.In a Facebook post, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic chief Bong Nebrija shared footage taken in the area showing large cracks along Topaz Road-a dangerous
The city mayor has recently made some clarifications
The local government unit of Pasig City has made some clarifications regarding its restrictions during the upcoming enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) period in Metro Manila.According to Mayor Vico Sotto, the LGU recently met with the Department of the Interior and Local
To those who pass through the area regularly, take note
To motorists who often use the Manggahan Bridge in Pasig City, take note, as the local government unit will be implementing a new traffic scheme in the area.Starting Monday, August 2, a one-way traffic scheme will be implemented along Manggahan
Be safe out there
The rains caused by Typhoon Fabian and the southwest monsoon (habagat) have barely let up the past few days, leaving parts of Metro Manila and other neighboring localities dealing with floods. Evacuations of residents in flood-prone areas-especially in Marikina City,
If we're being honest, the lighting situation on many Philippine roads leaves much to be desired. It isn't just that a lot of thoroughfares are poorly lit, either-sometimes, visibility is hit or miss as one end of a street
Some impressions two weeks after its opening
On June 12, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) inaugurated the much-awaited BGC-Ortigas Bridge-part of the larger BGC-Ortigas Center Link Road Project and an integral cog in the agency's EDSA decongestion program.There's a
The bikes came with safety gear, and the phones with P2,000 worth of load each
Slowly but surely, the different local government units are turning their respective locales into more bike-friendly areas.The Pasig City LGU, for example, has already made some substantial changes since the pandemic began in order to make its city more bikeable.
Get some exercise while maintaining social distancing
The pandemic has made access to public transportation in Metro Manila far worse than it already was. And so urban dwellers are resorting to biking to get from point A to point B, with some rediscovering their love for cycling and others
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