Just in time for Christmas
Porsche fans are going to want to bring out a pen and their Christmas wish list for this.Puma has announced that it is releasing a new shoe collection inspired by the Porsche 911 Turbo, one of the most iconic sports cars
Highlighting the collection are some sneakers, of course
Puma and Porsche's collaboration has yet again produced a new set of merch that surely looks enticing for both gearheads and sneakerheads alike. Introducing the Porsche Legacy collection.The said collection contains apparel and footwear inspired by the Porsche 911 Turbo.
Meet the BMW M Motorsport RS-X³
Among big-name sneaker brands, Puma is often first-to-mind when it comes to motorsports and racing. While it's not uncommon for other brands to take inspiration from cars-Jordan Brand has had a long history of that-Puma's
Meet the X-Cat Disc
Remember the BMW GINA concept car? The name stood for "Geometry and Functions in 'N' Adaptations," and was shown off by the German carmaker in 2008. The cool sports car's main highlight was its fabric construction, which allowed it to possess
In partnership with Puma
BMW and Puma have just revealed what is probably the racing suit to rule all racing suits. Seriously, this thing is reminiscent of Tony Stark's computer-assisted power armor--minus the armor, that is.The two German companies have created a
As demonstrated by these Mini sneakers
Not sure if you're completely aware of it, but most of the consumer products we purchase are not entirely priced according to the quality of materials and the amount of engineering that went into producing them. For most of these commercial
Oh, inside an ultra-fast Mercedes-AMG SL63
Thanks to social media and GoPro, product endorsements will never be the same. These days, big companies shun traditional marketing gimmicks and simply do fun stuff their customers can relate to. Take, for instance, Puma's latest "Forever Faster" brand campaign, which
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Here are quick links to some of the hottest stories we found on the web. 1. Man gets buried under BMW M3 tombstone - Some people get buried under a simple marble headstone while some get interred in a mausoleum. For Steve Marsh,
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