No game is perfect
Anyone who's been alive long enough to remember the early days of modern gaming will tell you that the hobby has evolved quite a bit since then.Technology has changed the way people enjoy their favorite titles, with consoles delivering new
This thing looks wild
It's now clear that Aston Martin is adept at engineering not only beautiful cars and competitive Formula 1 machines (sort of) but also insane sim-racing rigs. Remember the AMR-C01 Racing Simulator? Well, the British carmaker is now back with
Here he is showing off one of his rides
Remember when the Fast and Furious films killed off Han and he actually stayed dead for a while? Yeah, those were much simpler times. The franchise eventually brought the character back to life, but not before a hiatus that lasted a couple
Only available in Spain, though
It's been well over a year since the PlayStation 5 was launched, and the console is still nearly impossible to get a hold of via mainstream retailers. If you're still on the hunt for yours, Sony has partnered with Toyota
This could be a game changer
Driving through world-famous race tracks or Instagram-worthy mountain roads using a simulator is nice and all, but there's nothing quite like being behind the wheel on a route you're already familiar with in real life. Can you imagine
This is it
Gamers, rejoice. Pre-orders for Gran Turismo 7 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 have opened in the Philippines. If you have a little money left unspent from the holiday season, now might be the time to treat yourself.Datablitz and
Bet your ordinary rig’s got nothing on this thing
So you've got a busted car collecting dust in your garage, and you've got quite a bit of money to spend. Would you rather go through all the trouble of restoring it, or would you opt to just sell it
In case you’ve managed to buy a unit already
The Xbox Series X is certainly not lacking in power, able to shift 4K graphics at a level of smoothness unseen on the previous generation of consoles. The real genius behind this monolithic black box, though, is Game Pass-an affordable subscription
Own any of these titles?
For us, the latest PlayStation's main job is to play host to Gran Turismo 7 when that arrives in March 2022, but while it's tempting to hover by the letterbox waiting for that to arrive, there's actually plenty to
That’s one hell of a garage
The gameplay mechanics, the graphics, the competitive spirit-all these are what make the Gran Turismo series one of the all-time greats. Ultimately, though, the title always boils down to its cars. If you're looking forward to downing hundreds, if
There will be several braking systems available in the game
Gran Turismo 7 is coming out in March 2022, and we've now learned that there will be a neat new addition to the game: Brembo brake upgrades.The popular designer and manufacturer of high-performance brakes has partnered with Gran Turismo
Anyone else here who bought a PlayStation 5 for the sole purpose of losing themselves in Gran Turismo 7? Well, we have some good news: You won't have to wait much longer-at least if Polyphony Digital will be able to
Only for the wealthiest of gamers
Given an unlimited budget, how much is the most you would spend on a racing simulator? Let's see now...a large high-end LED TV, a top-spec gaming rig, the fanciest racing wheel, a comfortable seat-we reckon a sum
A new and improved version of Fanatec’s McLaren replica
Sim-racing enthusiasts, take note: the new Fanatec CSL McLaren GT3 V2 racing wheel is now available in the Philippines courtesy of Apex Sim Racing PH.This model from Fanatec is a detailed replica of the real McLaren GT3 race car's
In case racing an actual car is too expensive
So you want to race cars but can't-either because it's a pretty expensive hobby or, well, you think you're more likely to end up plastered against a wall than set a new lap record somewhere. What do you
Call us materialistic, but we take great pleasure in unpacking something brand-new and untouched by the spoiled grimy hands of...well, okay, our spoiled grimy hands.Maybe it's the latest gadget or a toy we've had our eyes on
Excited to try this car out virtually?
If you haven't heard already, Gran Turismo 7 is still a long while off. It's now coming out in 2022, which means...well, it's tough luck for you if you recently bought a PlayStation 5 in anticipation of a
He had to gave up his license in his 80s
Can you imagine having to give up driving? It's difficult now, but once your senior years kick in and your vision and hand-eye coordination begin to take a hit, it's a very legitimate possibility.Thankfully, with the help of
It can be fitted with an actual RWB steering wheel, too
If you follow car enthusiast Angie Mead King, you probably know that these days, she's living the farm life somewhere we assume is a good distance away from the metro. Consequently, she doesn't get to drive around racetracks often anymore
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