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Operations are now being transferred to a different party
Says decision ‘is not one that we have taken lightly’
Toyota's days of producing cars in Russia are over. This comes after the Japanese carmaker announced the official end to its manufacturing operations in the country to protect "the values and principles that our predecessors built up" over the years.The
The team has also terminated its partnership with Uralkali
Haas F1 has terminated the contract of its Russian driver, Nikita Mazepin, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.In a statement released earlier today, the US-based outfit-which entered Formula 1 in 2016 and was founded by NASCAR team owner Gene
No more races at Sochi
The international racing community has not taken kindly to Russia's ongoing conflict with its neighbor Ukraine. This, though, might be the biggest blow to the nation's motorsport scene yet.After canceling the 2022 Russian Grand Prix just last week, Formula
Another one
Toyota, the world's number one Japanese car brand, has announced a suspension of its manufacturing and import operations in Russia-that's a total of 168 retail locations and a production plant in St. Petersburg that's responsible for domestic RAV4
Brace yourselves
If you own a motorized vehicle, you've probably noticed that fuel prices have been trending upwards lately. Russia's ongoing conflict with Ukraine isn't helping make matters any better, and according to the Department of Energy (DOE), motorists may want
Russian motorsport suffers another blow in light of sanctions imposed by the international racing community. This time, it's none other than the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) that's laying down the hammer.The FIA has announced that
Could more brands follow?
Russian motorsport fans aren't the only ones going to be left disappointed following international backlash to the country's invasion of Ukraine. Domestic car buyers who were hoping to buy a Volvo are now affected, too.In a statement sent to
A decision has been made
Formula 1 will not be taking to the track in Russia this year after the racing organization announced that it would be "impossible" to hold a Grand Prix in the European nation "in the current circumstances."The announcement was made over the
Let’s hope things in Europe settle down
Don't hold your breath for lower gas prices any time soon-at least not before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine settles down in Europe.According to a report by BBC, tensions between the two European neighbors are driving global oil
Thank god it doesn’t snow here
Well, this should be a chilling sight for car lovers who reside in warmer climates. Footage posted by the South China Morning Post on its official YouTube channel shows a fresh batch of vehicles arriving frozen at a port in Russia a
There can be a lot of hotheads out on the road at any given time. For everyone's sake, we hope whoever's behind this thing isn't one of them.What is it? Well, on the surface, it's just an
That’s quite a face
We know a sharp-looking grille when we see one, but this might be taking it too far.The face you see here comes courtesy of Russian tuner SCL Global and is fitted onto a modified Lexus RX called the 'Goemon.' Thoughts?
Dear lord
A fresh coat of black paint and a couple of streaks of red-yep, we think we may have just found something to replace the A-Team's GMC Vandura. We pity the fool that begs to disagree.What is this exactly?
A Russian custom bike builder was daring enough to go this far
Riding communities worldwide know that the BMW R nineT is the top choice of custom bike builders among the premier brands in this genre. Categorized as a standard motorcycle, the hot-selling R nineT is considered the ultimate white canvas for customizing.
Not a good look for the Caped Crusader
The day has finally come: Batman has lived long enough to become the villain.According to a report by Russia Today, the Batmobile from Batman V Superman-or more likely a replica of the armored vehicle-has been impounded by traffic police
Excited to try them?
The Philippine government has revealed another "next-generation PUV," and this time it hails from Mother Russia.According to the Department of Transportation (DOTr), mini buses from the Gazelle Motors Corporation--a Russian vehicle manufacturer--will soon be plying Metro Manila'
Have you heard of the GAZ Group?
The Russian invasion continues. This time, it's the GAZ Group which has sent its official Philippine distributor, the Eastern Petroleum Group (EPG), a fresh batch of light commercial vehicles.EPG chairman Fernando Martinez says that units of the manufacturer's Gazelle
These things are badass
Conequip Philippines recently introduced Ural, a Russian brand of multi-purpose trucks, to the Philippines. These vehicles address the logistical requirement of moving materials and personnel through difficult terrain.Most truck manufacturers and distributors sell only rear-wheel-drive trucks that have
Don't get carried away
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Five things you should never do in a brand new car. Yeah, we know it can be difficult to keep from getting carried away
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