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Especially for seniors
Is Japan a great country to be a motorist in? Oh yes. It has clean, organized, and safe roads that make it one of the best. That said, it isn't perfect.One issue Japanese motoring authorities are trying to address is
Courtroom drama ahead?
With great influence, comes great responsibility.One social media influencer in China has drawn the ire of Tesla, after he shared footage of the electric car manufacturer's automatic brake system failing to his millions of followers.According to a report by
The safety feature can mean the difference between life and death
The verdict has been in for quite a while now: Anti-lock brakes (ABS) can spell the difference between life and death during hard braking situations-even more so when you're on two wheels instead of four, where you're more
You can’t put a price on safety
Jokes regarding the massive grille up front aside, the BMW iX is a very promising electric vehicle. With 523hp and a 0-100kph time of just 4.6 seconds, it's hardly a slouch anywhere you drive it. A maximum range of
These predictive smart headlights automatically adjust when approaching corners
As relaxing and fun it can be to drive at night, it can also be very dangerous at times, especially when you're driving through winding and unfamiliar roads. And it doesn't even matter if you've got bright headlamps fitted
So, the rumors were true
In November last year, reports surfaced that Honda would soon be launching the new Honda legend with the company's most advanced autonomous features yet. Well, it turns out the rumors were true.The car manufacturer has equipped the Legend Hybrid EX
By combining professional driver instincts with automated driving technologies
Toyota is taking a different approach to developing safety features in its cars. The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has revealed that it is now working with Stanford University's Dynamic Design Lab to "bring together the instincts of professional drivers and automated
Its new Acceleration Suppression System has just been launched in Japan
Toyota is now officially rolling out its new Acceleration Suppression System to its new vehicles, a safety feature we first heard of just a few months back. This new system aims to prevent accidents caused by accelerator pedal misapplication, or the phenomenon
Should more bike manufacturers adopt the tech, too?
Active cruise control (ACC) isn't new-car companies have long been using the tech to make drives on the highway more comfortable, convenient, and, of course, safer. For motorcycles, though? The feature isn't as common. BMW Motorrad is looking to
The power of technology
So it looks like Ford vehicles in the US will soon have the capacity for hands-free driving-good news for fans of tech, not-so-good news for conspiracy theorists and skittish drivers with trust issues.Ford has just announced its
We could use this in the Philippines
The chances of being injured on the road are greater when you don't have the protective shell and safety features of a car to shield you. In fact, Bosch-one of the biggest names in motoring safety-says the risk of
Still pretty fast if you ask us
Do you dream of owning a Volvo? If yes, we sure hope you don't have any plans of driving past 180kph. This isn't just because, well, going past the speed limit isn't safe-it's also because the Scandinavian
It’s being offered in the new Sorento
When you see a motorist haphazardly maneuver in the direction of their blind spot, there's usually one of two kinds of people behind the wheel: a) A battle-hardened driver who just doesn't give a hoot anymore, or b) a
Do you know anyone who needs this feature?
Pedal misapplication is one of the worst things that can happen behind the wheel. One minute you're harmlessly pulling out of a parking slot, the next you're barreling down the garage toward a concrete wall.The surest way to prevent
Another addition to Honda’s lineup of safe vehicles
The Accord is one of Honda's oldest and most recognizable nameplates, especially here in the Philippines. It's been in the local market since the '90s, and has since been a steadfast competitor in the executive midsize-sedan segment.For 10
For road safety’s sake
Have you ever wondered why public-transport vehicles-particularly AUVs and vans-in mountainous regions take wide turns quickly on sharply angled curves of steep roads? Not just going up Baguio, but past Baguio and heading toward Sagada. Some wonder if their
The tech is called ‘Guardian’
A lot of the new safety tech coming out these days focuses on taking crash-avoidance decisions and actions away from the driver, and instead putting the vehicle's fate in the hands of machines. Autonomous this, autonomous that-it's almost
One manufacturer thinks so
Airbags are everywhere these days: Up front, down low, on the sides-and now outside cars, too, apparently.German safety-device manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen unveiled an interesting new concept at the 'Airbag 2018' symposium in Mannheim: an airbag unit that is deployed
'It might just save your life'
Subaru has been making waves lately with its advances in car safety technology. From stronger and more resilient chassis to multiple airbags, it is no wonder that the Japanese carmaker has been reaping award after award from testing bodies such as the
Are you in favor?
The prosThe general consensus on Formula 1's new Halo device seems to be that it's a bad thing. Ugly, offensive, and unwelcome. No matter how hard I try, though, I simply cannot get my head around why.When the motive
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