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Even if you wear one regularly, are you wearing it correctly?
Never compromise on safety
It is undeniable that seatbelts have saved millions of lives and limbs since they were invented. But why don't people wear them all the time?'It's uncomfortable.''In a crash, I could be trapped inside if I have a seatbelt
This is one of the many obstacles to improving road safety in the Philippines
Last week, the United Nations Special Envoy for Road Safety Jean Todt paid a visit to the Philippines to discuss initiatives on how to improve road safety in the country. Ultimately, the goal is to halve the number of victims involving road
Always buckle up for safety!
There is a saying that goes, 'The law applies to all, otherwise, none at all'. Whether it's a private individual or a civil servant, the rules of the land must be respected by all. Unfortunately, we don't always see that
Good freakin’ riddance
Have you ever found seatbelt reminder alarms annoying? Yes? Well, have you ever stopped to think that, you know, maybe it would never be an issue if you always wear your seatbelt whenever you drive out?Anyway, going the easy and obviously
For real
A seatbelt for bags. Sounds like a Class A example of someone trying to solve a problem that barely exists-if it even does at all.Perhaps. But thousands of people saw the idea fit enough to actually throw hard-earned money
The company now named Joyson Safety Systems is Japan’s top seatbelt manufacturer
Several years after that huge airbag fiasco, the company we once knew as Takata is still making headlines for all the wrong reasons.According to a report by Nikkei Asia, the former airbag manufacturer that goes by the name of Joyson Safety
A surprisingly easy fix you can do at home
Seatbelts make our car journeys far safer. In fact, we now have laws that require their use. However, as seatbelts get older, they don't work quite as well as they used to. For seatbelts to work properly, they must retract and
The brand wants governments to take action
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 1.35 million individuals lose their lives to traffic accidents every year. That's a troubling figure, but even more concerning is that data shows the risk of death by traffic is over three
Kids below 12 years old need to be strapped in
President Duterte has signed Republic Act 11229, or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act, making it a law.This makes it a requirement to use child car seats in vehicles when transporting children."It shall be unlawful for the driver of
Number one: Not wearing seatbelt
In the Philippines, more cars on the road means more violations. And with last year's pre-Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law shopping spree, whether or not the Land Transportation Office (LTO) would have its hands full in 2018
Does your kid use one?
A substitute bill aiming to further protect children riding in vehicles passed the House Committee on Transportation earlier this week, and drivers found not in compliance could face a fine of up to P5,000.The Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act
The kids didn't take much convincing
We're willing to bet that more than a handful of our readers have experienced an on-road collision at one point or another. Hopefully, you had your seatbelts on when you did, because it doesn't take much of a hit
In the name of safety
Ford has now licensed its patented inflatable seatbelt technology, making it available to other companies--including its competitors in the automotive industry--in the name of safety.According to the American carmaker, the availability of licenses "may lead to the wider adoption
When your dash lights up like a Christmas tree
Getting into your car and putting the key in the ignition, you are greeted by a collection of warning lights, right before the engine starts. While most of these are nothing to worry about, the lights that stay on after you've
Our tech guru has the answers to your car questions
I have been a big fan of Top Gear since October 2005. I was still in Grade 6 back then! Every month, it has been my ritual to buy and read your magazine, which informs me about the latest cars available on
Following Ford's and Lexus's lead
Mercedes-Benz is set to introduce on one of its luxury-class vehicles an inflatable seatbelt strap which the German carmaker calls "Beltbag," making the company the third car manufacturer to do so, after Ford with its Explorer and Lexus with the
In Explorer 2.0 GTDi XLT at MIAS
The 2.0-liter Ford Explorer GTDi XLT that will debut at the Manila International Auto Show next week is raising the bar in vehicle safety. Besides using high-strength steel like boron for its body structure like the range-topping 3.
To replace its pyrotechnic belt tensioning system
Mercedes-Benz is reinventing the seatbelt by coming up with an active buckle and it will be installed in in one of the German carmaker's luxury-segment models in the near future."Active seatbelt buckle is another element of our 'Pre-
Popular Mechanics has revealed the winners of its seventh annual Breakthrough Awards and one of them is Ford for its rear inflatable seatbelts."Ford's goal is to develop innovative safety technologies that give our customers more peace of mind, so it
Over 28,000 lives saved in the US alone
It's been 30 years since a production car was first equipped with an airbag. Thanks to the safety innovation, more than 28,000 human lives have been saved in the United States alone.The airbag is a product of 13 years
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