A perennial off-road favorite
Over the years, the Toyota Land Cruiser has developed a reputation for being a luxurious ride. Its steady upmarket rise has earned it such monikers as "Congressman's favorite vehicle," among other things.Despite this, no one can discount the LC's
We compare 5 midsize sport-utes
While the subcompact sedan segment remains to have the biggest volume in our market in terms of sales, the category that is currently the hottest is the one for diesel midsize SUVs. Yep, the segment that includes the most sought-after vehicles
For real this time around
There is a grief that can't be spoken when a vehicle model you desire is slated for discontinuation. A heartbreaking press release from Toyota Australia states that the FJ Cruiser's production will end this coming August.What makes the pain
This is one heavy-duty ride
Geo Icmat is a member of the Angeles City Four-Wheel-Drive Club, and is obviously no stranger to tackling the region's challenging ter­rain conditions. Pampanga is known for its beautiful off-road trails and river crossings, but none of
A more than worthy heir to the throne
We officially declare 2016 to be the year of the midsize SUV. In just a span of four months, we saw the introduction of an all-new Toyota Fortuner, a new Ford Everest variant and a completely new Mitsubishi Montero Sport. It'
It's the improved Inkas Sentry APC
It goes without saying that every motorist can appreciate tough, well-built vehicles. After all, we never know for sure what kind of ride an emergency calls for until the situation presents itself. Better to be fully prepared, right?But with North
To be introduced on April 21st
According to Isuzu Philippines senior vice president Art Balmadrid, the MU-X sport-utility vehicle is easily the company's best-selling model right now. The executive told TopGear.com.ph that the MU-X is doing so well in our market
Thanks to its mighty diesel engine
Apparently, the Audi Q7 e-Tron 3.0 TDI Quattro was just a warm-up to the new performance-oriented SQ7. The German carmaker has affixed the S moniker to its top-dog SUV, following in the footsteps of the smaller SQ5.
With higher price but more features
The lineup of Honda Cars Philippines has now been restructured. Whereas before the Pilot and the Odyssey were a mere P200,000 apart in pricing, now more than a million bucks separates them. Yes, we'll cut to the chase: The all-
It has a quieter ride and more tech
Last November, we were present at the launch of the refreshed Ford Explorer Sport. We loved it: the look, the features, and most especially that sweet EcoBoost V6 engine. The only downside was that anyone who wanted the lower-end variant would
It's been a good run
In the automotive industry, a car that has been in production for four or five years is already considered well past its shelf life. Some brands sometimes stretch out a vehicle model for several years longer. Long story short, most cars just
First-rate comfort in the wilderness
While Land Rover is for those who want the British touch when getting down and dirty, Jeep is for people who prefer off-roading American-style. The latter has given us vehicles like the legendary CJ-series, the Wrangler and the Cherokee.
At the height of Christmas madness
We're car people, and we love to drive by default. But there are days when getting behind the wheel is such a pain that we'd rather just get a root canal. Just like last month when the holiday season was
We test the contender to the SUV throne
They say that history is written by the victors, and in the world of midsize SUVs, the Philippine story has been jotted down alternately by the two perennial victors: the Toyota Fortuner and the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. Ford Philippines never really put
Know the specs, variants and prices
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is launching the all-new Montero Sport on January 20, 2016, notwithstanding the fact that the outgoing model is in the middle of a "sudden unintended acceleration" scandal. The company is in the process of selling out its remaining
Due to fuel-economy concerns
We've all known for some time now that Mitsubishi Motors will be concentrating on just SUVs and crossovers. That's why the demise of the Galant, followed by the announcement that it would also be the end of the line for
A tiny but very capable 4x4 SUV
Largely thanks to environmental awareness, SUVs nowadays have shrunk significantly. Gone are the days when the Patrol and the Pajero ruled the road. In their place are their modern, tiny counterparts--designed for individuals who are mindful of their carbon footprint but
That's the LX570 we're referring to
You might have noticed on the news that President Aquino rides a white Toyota Land Cruiser to official engagements. Or you might have encountered his long presidential convoy on the road and personally seen the SUV with a '1' license plate.Well,
With a lot of new toys
Almost a year ago, we wrote about the Ford Explorer getting a facelift in its home market (the United States, of course). Now that that attractive refresh has finally arrived in our market, and judging by what we saw at the launch
Now doing duty for D-Max and MU-X
With the new 4JJ1-TC finally released in the Philippines, the Isuzu D-Max and MU-X are no longer dead last in the power stakes. Okay, technically, Isuzu Philippines is still the only local manufacturer without a 170+hp engine, but
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