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We can only wish our plants were as high-tech as theirs
Solidifying its hold on the market
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is experiencing an upswing as the Japanese carmaker saw its February sales go up by 19 percent compared to January, giving it a modest 1.5-percent growth so far in 2012.Mitsubishi Philippines sold 2,751 units last
Montero Sport, Strada boost sales
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) closed the first half of 2011 with a stronghold in the light commercial vehicle segment with the popularity of its sports-utility vehicle and pickup truck."MMPC's strong performance in the light commercial category can be
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Hi, Botchi! I am an ordinary housewife who secretly reads my son's Top Gear collection while he's in school. He's going to start his business soon, and my hubby and I would like to get him a car. We
Say goodbye to the 3.2-liter variants
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines will soon take the 3.2-liter variants of the Montero Sport and Strada off the lineup and push the freshly-launched variable-geometry turbo (VGT) variants to be the range-topping vehicles for both models."We're phasing
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Hi, Botchi!I'm a third-year high school student. I'm a car fanatic and I'm also an avid reader of your magazine (I especially like your articles). I may seem a bit too young to be asking about the
Or is this really Top Gear versus the competition?
As you already know, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines presented the new variable-geometry turbo Montero Sport to the motoring press last week. The carmaker also let us drive the thing around a makeshift dirt track and in an acceleration-and-braking exercise. When
Power to the pickup!
The Montero Sport is not just the only vehicle to get Mitsubishi's variable geometry turbo (VGT) system as the Strada pickup trucks also received the upgrade.Two new variants of the Strada--the GLS Sport-V 4x4 and the GLX-V
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Hi, Botchi!First of all, I would like to commend you for having such a fun and interesting column. I really enjoy your response to letter senders. I'm not a techie person (when it comes to vehicles) but I really learn
Montero Sport, ASX to drive growth
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, the second best-selling brand in the country, has raised its sales forecast for the year following the strong performance of its vehicles in the past seven months.Company president and chief executive Masahiku Ueki said Mitsubishi now expects
Exciting times ahead!<br />
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is aiming for higher sales in 2010 as it promises "exciting additions" to its current vehicle lineup for the local market. Mitsubishi Philippines plans to sell 28,000 units this year, 20 percent higher than its 2009 sales of
Pickups are supposed to be ruggedly tough. They're not supposed to be pretty either. <em>Vernon B. Sarne</em> meets an antithesis
The entrance to our office's basement parking requires me to clear a very tight turn (almost like a hairpin) to get my ticket without denting the left portion of the front bumper. A number of huge SUVs and especially pickups have
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