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A hatch definitely worth checking out
The Suzuki Swift has long been a favorite among motorists looking for a stylish and relatively sporty hatchback. The last gen's quirky looks and agile driving dynamics helped gain the nameplate a following, and these vehicles are still a common sight
Modification is a personal thing
The Suzuki Swift is a popular car among enthusiasts because of the excellent spec list at its given price range, and how fun it is to drive. Here are two cars that we did features on, followed by a review of much
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Another year, another handful of worthwhile automotive arrivals to choose from. Granted, consumers were a little bit stingier this year due to the onset of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law (TRAIN)-but you'd hardly be able to tell
Not bad at all
The all-new Suzuki Swift has been out for quite some time. It was launched in the Philippines back in June, and has since drawn attention thanks to its stylish looks and relatively affordable package. Now the model has officially received its
It has always been a model known for fun
The Swift is a good car. You only need to look at the streets and you'll invariably find one or two, and that's not a bad figure considering that Suzuki Philippines isn't that big a sales mover of its
This goes for all older cars, actually
Here's another interesting message that landed in the Top Gear PH inbox. It's from a fellow who is in a long-term relationship with his car. We like this, because it shows dedication, and we can totally relate. In case
A hatchback showdown
Outside of the rainy season and its looming threat of flood, a small hatchback is the ideal type of vehicle for moving around in urban areas. The segment's small, city-friendly package--with its convenient maneuverability and easy-to-park dimensions--
*Well, P15k-ish
Car sales might have seen a slight dip recently because of higher excise taxes, but this hasn't stopped major manufacturers from flooding the market with new offerings.More than a dozen launches from a handful of car companies took place during
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So far, 2018 has been a hell of a year for the local auto scene. Car after car, launch after launch--it just seems like there's no end to the number of new arrivals. And it isn't just limited to
Did you own a first-gen unit?
Before the 2005 Swift, the Philippine market's last taste of Suzuki Supermini goodness-if you could actually call it good-was the Suzuki Fronte, sold through the '70s and '80s. Never quite as popular as cars from mainstream brands, the diminutive
Our first impressions on video
By now, you'd know that Suzuki Philippines recently took the veils off of the all-new Suzuki Swift. And we have to admit, we were pretty impressed with its design when we saw it on stage. But before that official reveal,
A new challenger has appeared
The all-new Suzuki Swift is stylish, decently equipped and relatively affordable. But its entry into the local subcompact hatchback isn't going to be one without challenges, especially considering it's going up against the likes of the Honda Jazz.Ah,
Are you digging its new look?
Last night, Suzuki Philippines officially launched the all-new Swift. As soon as the covers were pulled off of the Japanese carmaker's freshest hatchback offering, it was already apparent that it had at least one thing going for it: Its stylish
Delivery starts in two weeks
We first saw the all-new Suzuki Swift last March during the Bangkok International Motor Show. We were very impressed that we took tons of photos of the subcompact hatchback for you guys. We wondered: Would it be similar to what we'
And it makes perfect sense
Euro styling in an Asian package. It seems to be all the rage these days. Think back to when Peter Schreyer made the move from Audi to Kia in the mid-2000s, ushering in a new era for the Korean brand. All
Is this a bang-for-your-buck hatchback?
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the all-new Suzuki Swift has finally arrived. The popular Japanese hatchback, which has found its fair share of fans in markets that received it before ours, was launched by the carmaker today, marking the entry of another
Is it affordable?
The fourth-generation Suzuki Swift was revealed in Japan way back in late 2016. We got our first look at it in the metal at this year's Bangkok International Motor Show, where we learned that the subcompact hatchback would be produced
The Suzuki Swift Sport has gone turbo
What's this little training shoe?It's the new Suzuki Swift Sport. And it's a very important car. If you like fun and quick stuff, it's as noteworthy as a BMW M3 or Porsche 911 as being not only
Seen at the Bangkok Motor Show
Hot damn. We've finally gotten up close and personal with the next-generation Suzuki Swift at the 2018 Bangkok International Motor Show, and we have to say its sleek looks are just as good as advertised.The all-new Swift looks
We hope so
As far as car releases are concerned, the all-new Suzuki Swift ranks right up there with the most anticipated of launches. This is thanks in part to the current one's relative affordability and practical driving dynamics.However it has been
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