Do not get your hopes up, though
So far, Mitsubishi's ongoing Ralliart revival isn't exactly going how we expected it to. Yes, there have been glimpses of promise-but for the most part, the attempt has been limited to sporty decals and a few other minor aesthetic
We really wish this model was available locally
Motoring behemoths like the Ford F-150 are always nice. Frankly, though? Their use is a little bit limited in the local setting. Their massive size simply makes them cumbersome to maneuver in tight city streets, and they're a poor fit
The automotive supply chain crisis isn't just hurting car manufacturers' bottom lines-it's making ownership a headache for their buyers as well.J.D. Power has just released its 2022 initial vehicle quality study for the US market, and the
Too harsh a punishment?
Think our authorities are too harsh when it comes to implementing local motorcycle laws and regulations? New York City's most recent crackdown on dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATV) might make you think twice.NYC mayor Eric Adams recently led
That hatch is still something to behold
When it comes to the list of global releases we're hurt we didn't get locally, the western-spec Toyota Corolla is easily one of the top entries. Not only did markets like the US get a hatch version, but the
Digging the new shade?
Red, white, blue...and now orange? Yes, the verdict is in: The 2022 Toyota 86 looks pretty good sporting the sunset shade.We say this because the Japanese car manufacturer has just revealed a limited-edition release of the vehicle in the
Can minivans truly be sporty, though?
Minivans have come a long way since their humble days as pure family haulers. They're getting more and more luxurious now, and some are even shifting their designs to look more like SUVs.Sporty, though? That might still be a stretch.
Such is life
One of the biggest bummers about being a car buyer in a Third World economy is that you miss out on a lot of the good stuff-performance models, special editions, and other offerings reserved for markets that, well, can afford them.
Plus, PH arrival of new Macan and debut of entry-level F-150 Rattler
‘Rattle’ isn't a word you want to be associated with a pickup
Frankly, 'Rattler' is not a moniker we would have gone with in naming Ford's latest pickup offering. The fact that they attached it to the base-level F-150 XL isn't helping the choice any further, either. But hey, maybe
Thank God
No more teasers, no more trailers, and no more Easter eggs-Toyota has finally unveiled the 2022 GR Corolla hot hatch in its entirety. Thank God, too. Who else was getting tired of all the buildup?By the looks of it, though,
Welcome to Sin City
Formula 1 bosses have announced that the streets of Las Vegas will host an all-new race from 2023. The Formula 1 circus back in Sin City-could be a perfect match these days.We say 'back' because (as those of you
The application of this feature remains limited, though
Yes, we know that losing your driver's license is incredibly unlikely considering it just sits inside your wallet all day. Anyone who's ever lost it, however, will tell you that dealing with the ordeal can be a serious pain in
Will this case prosper?
If you can't beat them...sue them?According to recent a report by, a pair of gas station operators in the US are suing a competitor for-get this-offering motorists lower fuel prices.The companies, which operate nearby
The company says the practice is against its brand philosophy
Last month, we reported that numbers are showing how more and more US car buyers are settling for the jacked-up car prices being thrown at them by dealerships. The situation has gotten so bad that a study found over 82% of
This isn’t a good look
A shortage in automotive supply caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is leading to a rise in dealership car prices, and consumers are paying the price.According to US-based car shopping website, more and more buyers are settling for
Electric cars dominated ad space this year
The Super Bowl can be a pretty big deal here at Top Gear Philippines-not because we're excited to see a high-stakes game of pigskin being thrown around, but because US car manufacturers go all out for the ads they
South Korean car manufacturers are now apparently the most reliable in the US market. The latest J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study ranked Kia, Hyundai, and Genesis among the region's most dependable brands.Kia took the top spot in the 2022
What say you?
As far as full-size SUVs are concerned, there's only really one name that comes to mind if we're talking Toyotas. We are, of course, referring to the Land Cruiser-the consensus king of big and burly Toyotas the world
Now that’s what we call dedication
Few things are more disheartening to a hopeful car buyer than finding a long wait is in order before he or she can take delivery of her unit. Even worse? If the dealership doesn't have any units to sell.This didn'
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