Strada vs Hilux

Botchi helps a couple choose the right pickup truck.
by Botchi Santos | Sep 17, 2009

Hi! Good day!

My husband and I are planning to buy a car next year. Our choices are the Strada 2.5 GL 4x2 of Mitsubishi and the Hilux 2.5 4x2 of Toyota. We are still looking for some advice as to which car should we buy. We would be very grateful to hear from you. Please help.

Thank you and more power!


Hi, Edith,

Thanks for taking the time to write to Top Gear Philippines. We're always glad to help out people in their car-buying dilemma.

I love these two pickups, especially the top-model 4x4 automatic transmission variants. But with value-for-money factor entering the equation, this is a no-brainer situation!

The Mitsubishi Strada is the number one pickup in terms of overall sales (all variants) based on CAMPI reports. It's not hard to see why because:

1. It's far cheaper than the Hilux

2. The 2.5 engine of the Strada is much more powerful compared to the 2.5 of the Hilux but fuel consumption is comparable, averaging about 9km/liter in-city and some highway driving.

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3. The added ride-height, comparable to the 4x4 variant is a welcome feature, giving you increased versatility and utility especially in floods, rough road and weather conditions

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4. It has the tightest cornering radius in its class of 5.9 meters as compared to the Hilux which is 6.15 meters. This means that when making tight U-turns, the Strada will be able to do it in a breeze compared to the Hilux.

5. The Strada has the roomiest rear-seat accomodations in its class (I have the current Hilux myself, I speak from experience on this one) but the Hilux has slightly more comfortable and roomier front seats.

6. Although the Strada rides firmer, the Hilux is bouncier so long drives are less nauseous in a Strada than the Hilux but the Strada does wear you out.

7. The looks. Strada looks 10x better than a Hilux.

Hope this column helps you decide!

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Good luck!

Botchi Santos


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