2022 roundup: The 10 most popular motoring news stories of the year

by Leandre Grecia | Dec 30, 2022
Vehicles stuck in traffic in Manila City
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It was a very tough year (again) for motorists and commuters in the metro, to say the least. Traffic got even worse towards the end of the yearpublic transport still isn’t that much better... we really don’t know what else to say.

But of course, as with all of the past years, there were a few motoring-related issues that stood out among the rest. We’ve compiled here the 10 most-read stories on Top Gear Philippines throughout 2022.

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1) Road goes viral as no-contact apprehension trap, gets repainted afterwards

No-contact apprehension was one of the biggest motoring-related terminologies of the year, and it’s no surprise that this particular story—where motorists are seemingly lured into an NCAP trap—is at the top of this list.


2) Bike-lane violating motorcyclists caught by surprise by enforcers in QC

Various local government units and agencies amped up their crackdowns on bike-lane violators this year, and that’s probably the reason why we saw even more bike-lane content go viral over the past 12 months. Agham Road in Quezon City also had its share of the spotlight when footage of numerous riders getting flagged down for entering the bike lane made the rounds on social media.

3) The MMDA’s proposed twice-a-week coding

Twice-a-week number coding. Need we say more? This was the talk of the town when the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) first floated the idea in the first quarter of the year. We wonder how our roads would’ve looked like had this proposal pushed through.

4) The Lambo that lost a wheel on EDSA

We see all sorts of stalled vehicles on EDSA on a daily basis, but this was probably the first time any of us saw a supercar lose a wheel while driving. No wonder this story got you guys buzzing.

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5) World Bank cancels Metro Manila BRT project

Life as a commuter in the city is tough, and the last thing you guys needed was bad news about a potentially game-changing public transportation initiative. The World Bank’s cancellation of the Metro Manila BRT project was exactly that.

6) DOJ supports bid to suspend additional tests for LTO driver’s license renewal

Earlier this year, lawmakers and even the Department of Justice started calling on the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to suspend its eight-hour driving exam for driver’s license applicants in order to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

7) New year, new restrictions, same number-coding scheme

The government heightened its restrictions to start off 2022 due to the surge in COVID-19 cases. The MMDA, however, opted not to halt the implementation of its number-coding scheme.

8) LTO clarifies motorists don’t need to present license ORs to law enforcers

The LTO clarified in a single Facebook post—once and for all—that motorists don’t need to present the official receipts of their driver’s licenses to traffic enforcers if their said licenses are valid.


9) Somebody used DIY ’no parking’ signs to reserve a parking slot in QC

We saw a lot of bizarre stuff from the MMDA’s road-clearing operations this year, and this was the one you guys found most interesting. In other words, it was the biggest head-scratcher of them all.

10) The MMDA wants to use adaptive stoplights instead of countdown timers

A lot of us probably prefer having timers on traffic lights. Not only is it less stressful waiting for a red light with a countdown, but it’s also easier and safer when approaching an intersection knowing you have ample time to cross. The MMDA, however, seems to prefer adaptive stoplights that work based on the traffic volume on any given road crossing.

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