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10 things only dog-loving car owners can relate to

Are you one of them?


She costs a fortune to maintain, leaks fluid all over the place, makes weird noises, and sometimes seems like she's more trouble than she's worth. No, we aren't talking about that rusty old classic automobile gathering dust inside your garage.

We're talking about dogs. Who doesn't love these loyal furballs? If you're fond of them, chances are they spend just as much time inside your car as you do. It can be a pain to have them tagging along, but for the most part it's all good. In honor of gearheads who also adore their dogs so much, here are 10 things only canine-loving motorists can understand.

1. Drool and fur in your cabin are something you learn to live with. You've come to grips with the fact that your four-legged buddy will leave some kind of mess in your car regardless of how well you've trained him. Unless you own a Yorkshire terrier or another of the few breeds that don't shed, you'll have to deal with it.

2. You treat two- and four-legged pedestrians as one and the same. The thought of hitting a dog with your vehicle is a nightmare, and seeing road kill gives you the rage. After all, what if it had been your fur buddy? Just like with people, you come to a full stop to let them cross the road.

3. Your ride has that extra agaw-pansin factor. No one can resist your dog’s charm--not the gas station attendant, not the drive-thru staff and not the security guard helping you pull out of the driveway. That cute driver in the car that just rolled up next to you? Open your window and watch the magic happen.


4. You've memorized all the pet-friendly destinations in town. Bonifacio High Street, Eastwood, Estancia--these are your go-to places when you're looking for a night out with your dog. If they won't serve Fido, you take your business elsewhere. Simple as that.

5. Your furry friend is always your go-to shotgun buddy. He won't be an annoying backseat driver, and he won't keep changing your tunes. What more could you ask for in a copilot? Sure, he can't operate Waze, but you can't have it all. Your human friends will have to choose: Either let Fido sit on their lap, or surrender the front passenger seat completely.

6. You sing to your dog in the car. Yes, this is an actual thing. Some of your dog's favorite tracks include 'Who Let the Dogs Out?' by the Baha Men and 'Hungry Like The Wolf' by Duran Duran. Now, if only you could train him to sing along so you wouldn't look like a complete fool.

7. There's a lingering fear that your dog will jump out the window. It's not as strong as when you first allowed Fido to hang his head out, but it's still there nonetheless. Maybe he'll see a cat dart by, or get tired of waiting in traffic (or your singing voice). Whatever the reason is, you stay alert just in case.

8. Your dog has a personal pillow in the backseat. Actually, he has a blanket and a bag of treats somewhere back there, too. Maybe even a towel or a newspaper in case it rains. Come to think of it: Your dog might be more at home in your vehicle than you are.

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9. Having your furry friend along for road trips is more trouble than it sounds. Pwede ba si Buster sa resort na yan? Allergic ba si Juan sa aso? Masikip ba kung sa loob ilalagay yung crate? Bringing Fido on trips adds a whole new layer of complications during long drives. Still, no vacation would be complete without him.

10. Your first drive with a dog is always hell--but totally worth it. Maybe he'll jump all over the place, or bark inside the crate at the back. Whatever the case, it will probably be a less-than-ideal experience. Still, remembering the moment your dog first pops his head out your car's window makes it all worth the trouble.

Photo by Drei Laurel


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