The 2019 Subaru Forester's beauty goes beyond the exterior

Watch our first drive
by Jason Tulio | Mar 8, 2019

Sometimes, when a manufacturer launches a new generation of a vehicle, we wait in anticipation to see what the new design will look like. Sure, we know to look even deeper into the spec sheet, but automotive design is an art form. One that we thoroughly appreciate when it's executed well. 

Sometimes, though, the result can leave us wondering what exactly is so different about the new car. Subaru has a knack for doing this. We first felt this a few years back with the launch of the all-new XV. We knew it was built on the new Subaru Global Platform, but the first official photos gave us hints of deja vu. That is, until we drove it and experienced the changes for ourselves.

Admittedly, we got that same feeling again when the all-new Forester was revealed earlier this year. Exciting, yes, but very similar. It didn't help that Motor Image Pilipinas had decided to discontinue the turbo variant due to low sales. But again, we were pleasantly surprised once we got behind the wheel. Click play on our video above to hear our first impressions of the new compact SUV. 

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