Can the base variant of the Mazda 2 be considered a bargain?

Here's what it has to offer
by Drei Laurel | Sep 30, 2017


There's a lot to like about Mazda's humblest offering, the Mazda 2. There's the good looks, sleek interior, and efficient engine—but our favorite aspect about the vehicle is none of these things.

Nope. The way we see it, the most admirable part about the Mazda 2 is how its great performance and handling carries over to all variants, including the base model. This is because all of them share the same 1.5-liter engine capable of 106hp and 139Nm.

Even better, the cheapest Mazda 2 in the range is available in a six-speed manual transmission now. Higher-end variants only come with an automatic. So if doing your own shifting is your thing, you finally have an alternative.

Sure, there's no touchscreen in there. Nor is there automatic climate control or steering wheel-mounted controls. Plus, the materials aren't as nice inside. But honestly, we can do without some of that extra Skyactiv tech if it means we'll have to shell out less for nearly the same driving characteristics as the one found in the top-of-the-line model.

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The Mazda 2 Skyactiv S 5DR carries a price tag of P748,000. Do you think it's a fair price for what you're getting? Let us know in the comments.

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