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Chevrolet Trailblazer vs. Ford Everest vs. Isuzu MU-X vs. Mitsubishi Montero Sport vs. Toyota Fortuner

While the subcompact sedan segment remains to have the biggest volume in our market in terms of sales, the category that is currently the hottest is the one for diesel midsize SUVs. Yep, the segment that includes the most sought-after vehicles in town right now:

Chevrolet Trailblazer
Ford Everest
* Isuzu MU-X
* Mitsubishi Montero Sport
* Toyota Fortuner

The waiting lists for these models are off the charts, tempting unscrupulous dealerships (shame on them) to take advantage of the situation and require even cash customers to buy through financing (preferably the dealers' in-house financing). But that's another story.

The big story here is this group of five desirable SUVs that inspire people to work hard and save up for a unit. The ultimate fruit of their labor, if you will. For this Big Test, we assembled the top-of-the-line variants, all 4x4 and all powered by turbodiesel engines.

The long article you're about to read was first published in our magazine's April 2016 issue, and it's being made available online for the first time. Five of our editors and writers took part in this ambitious editorial project:

* Print associate editor Paulo Rafael Subido
* Test drive editor Jason dela Cruz
* Consumer editor Botchi Santos
* Writer Niky Tamayo
* Writer Patrick Tadeo

These five dudes were assigned one model each, but all of them were able to try out the five SUVs for themselves. In the end, the writers ranked the five SUVs based on performance, specs and features, and value for money.

Because this is a rather lengthy piece, we're using jump pages to separate the five SUVs plus the verdict. Kindly bear with us. We've always frowned upon forcing readers to click on links for the sake of page views, which is why every article on this website is presented on a single flowing page. But we're making an exception for this one, just because it's really too long to be laid out on one vertical page.

It is our hope that this comparo will help you with your SUV-shopping, and ultimately assist you in arriving at a decision that best suits your motoring requirements. Having said that, we encourage you to analyze each evaluation and specs list, and then figure out for yourself which SUV truly matches you and/or your family. The winner in this Big Test may not necessarily be what you need. We're not telling you to automatically buy the SUV that places first in our rankings. There are other factors to consider. The verdict in this group test is the result of plain driving and model juxtaposition. We have no idea what each one of our readers is specifically looking for.


Have fun reading. Do give us your feedback in the comments section.—VBS

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