Bear Grylls' taste in rides mirrors his passion for adventure

Dude is as tough as they come
by Drei Laurel | Sep 28, 2018
PHOTO: Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is one of the toughest dudes on the planet. The world-famous survival instructor has served in the British military, climbed Mount Everest in Nepal just 18 months after breaking his back in a parachuting accident, and has crossed the Atlantic Ocean in an inflatable boat.

The man has serious balls, and as we've seen on his television show Man vs. Wild, isn't afraid to get down and dirt (or drink his own urine for that matter). Naturally, his garage and taste in vehicles would reflect his adventurous nature, so it comes as no surprise that bear is a huge fan of Land Rovers. He even helped assemble the Defender number 2,000,000!

In one Instagram post, the adventurer praised his Land Rover Defender as one of his most beloved companions: "She’s an old friend and we have shared so many great adventures over the years! Thank you @landrover. Tell me what’s the most fun you have had with yours?" his post reads.

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You'll find other posts of Bear posing and driving Land Rovers throughout his feed, taking them through jungles, deserts, and forests. As we've said, he can sail through oceans, too, and he can handle his own manning a motorcycle as well.

We like his taste. Off-roaders deserve to, er, go off-road. They shouldn't be sitting in some fancy garage gathering dust. So, what car would you like to take on an adventure?

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PHOTO: Bear Grylls
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