The BMW 320d M Sport is one hell of a car

That M badge makes quite a difference
by Drei Laurel | Oct 22, 2017


Full M cars are vehicles of a different variety. They're the best that BMW has to offer, both in terms of hardware and driving dynamics. Understandably, all of them from the M135i to the M4 Coupe, cost a very, very pretty penny. You won't be shelling out less than P4.4 million for one here in the Philippines.

If you can't afford losing both kidneys to make that jump to a full-blown M vehicle, why not settle for the next best thing? BMW's M Sport packages add just a pinch of sportiness to the brand's 'regular' offerings, and arguably the most fun of the bunch is the BMW 320d M Sport.

This 3-Series runs on a 2.0-liter diesel engine (190hp and 400Nm) with a top speed of 230kph. Combine this with its compact size, great handling, a tuned M Sport suspension, a handful of aesthetic tweaks inside and out, an M Sport aero package, and a sleek, sporty interior, and you've got one hell of a car on your hands.

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At nearly P4 million, many of you might say it's still pricey--but that's still considerably cheaper than the closest M car. Like we said, if you're looking for a more dynamic BMW experience without mortgaging your house or two for an M car, this should be worth your time. To see more of this car in action, press play on the short video above.

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