BMW turns the tables on ‘White Lady’ in new ad

No, it doesn’t run her over
by Drei Laurel | Mar 28, 2019

Still scared of driving out into the night for fear of encountering a ‘White Lady’? Well, get over it. We aren’t in the ’90s anymore, and it’s been a long while since plying Balete Drive in the wee hours was even a remotely frightening proposition.

If, for some reason, you can’t shake the jitters and you still dread the sight of a spook in white popping out in the middle of an empty road, maybe this will help. BMW turns the tables on a paranormal figure in its latest ad with some help from a 7-Series and autonomous tech.

The clip starts with the sedan speeding along a foggy road in the middle of the woods. Its windows begin to ice up, and the vehicle stops dead in its tracks upon encountering a ghostly woman clad in white. The White Lady makes her way toward the driver, only to be greeted by an empty cockpit when she opens the door. The ghost shrieks—then proceeds to run off into the woods.

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As the scenario wraps up, the camera pans to the car’s license plate. The vehicle is revealed to be an autonomous test vehicle.

“The future of driving. Nothing to be afraid of.” What do you think of BMW's latest ad?

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