A look back at the coolest car entrances in WWE

by Jason Tulio | Dec 29, 2018

Professional wrestling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some criticize it for its scripted nature, while others take it for what it is and enjoy the spectacle. For a lot of us, wrestling provided some classic childhood moments. And yes, some of them included cars.

This video by WWE showcases eight of the most memorable car entrances in the company’s history. A few are modern and took place in the 2010s, but most are from the ’90s and ’00s, so we still remember them fondly. Like the time John Cena drove into WrestleMania in a Ford Mustang, and when JBL’s classic limo with the bullhorn ornament took him to the ring.  And who could ever forget the time Stone Cold Steve Austin drove a Zamboni through the backstage area into the ring before proceeding to raise hell?

The list even includes the late Eddie Guerrero rolling into the ring in his classic low rider with Batista in tow. Eddie’s lying, cheating, and stealing ways will always be etched in our childhood memories, along with his array of classic bouncing rides.

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Check out the video above to see all the entrances. Which one is your favorite?

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