What car features would you never pay for?

Our readers chime in
by Jason Tulio | Sep 15, 2018
PHOTO: Volkswagen

Automotive technology has come a long way, and more than ever the cars on the market today are jam-packed with all sorts of neat features. But that doesn't mean everyone is a fan of them. Below are some reader responses to the question of what car features you would never pay for. The answers are certainly interesting. Do you have a different one? Share it in the comments below. 

Jun CapunoPush to start/push to stop button. Why the hell would you need that when you still need to turn the key anyway. A useless feature.

Oliver Calilung: Blinking brake lights.

Howard ArezaPush button to open/close the trunk. Who needs that? Tsaka pag nasira yun mechanism useless na. Gastos pa.

Renato Alexander Garcia: Automatic transmission.

Angelo Cruz: Computer box. Love the simple carbureted engine system. And please do include passenger eject seats. Para sa mga nakisakay lang pero mas marunong pa sa driver.

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Ron Cruz: These days cars have too many unnecessary features that tend to become a liability as the car ages. For a daily driver just give me something that’s easy on the gas with A/T and all power features (steering, windows, door locks, mirrors) and a cold A/C (not climate control), I don’t need leather and power adjustable seats. But Bluetooth connectivity is a must.

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Philip Rasco: Glowing stepboards, headlight and taillight "protectors"--especially the chrome trims, any blinking LED lights, push-to-start button, electronic handbrake, steering wheel radio controls.

Samuel Mark SapaulaTurn signals. 'Cause 50% of the people don’t really use them.

Arnold Sinco: Auto door unlock kapag mag shift to Park.

Cb Bautista: Cruise control! In the US, yes. In Metro Manila, what’s the point!?!

Paul Bryan Ramon SiaI hate the auto-fold side mirror when you lock the door.

Patrick Julaton: Auto rain-sensing wipers. Really, how hard could it be?

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PHOTO: Volkswagen
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