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Celebrate the holidays with these Christmas-themed automotive ads

‘Tis the season

A father's love

Remember the dad who 3D-printed his son a Lamborghini Aventador to fulfill the latter’s Forza Horizon aspirations? Well, in this heartwarming ad, Lamborghini took it one step further and made the young boy’s dream a reality. We’re not crying, you’re crying. 

How Rudolph really got his nose

If you’ve ever wondered why Rudolph’s nose is so bright, Mercedes-Benz has the answer. This short but sweet ad might not make a whole lot of logical sense, but it sure is filled with holiday cheer.

Christmas is about family

The holiday season isn’t just about Jose Mari Chan’s songs, or receiving gifts, or winning Christmas party raffles. The most important thing about it is, and always will be, cherishing those closest to you. 

Treat yourself

Hey, you’ve worked hard all year and deserve a gift, too. Here, Buick reminds us that it’s important to reward ourselves as well as others. 

Let loose

This ad from Honda doesn’t really have a deep Christmas message, but it sure is catchy to listen to.

Santa's big secret

Ever wondered how Santa manages to give out gifts to all the good children in just a few hours? Well, it turns out he has a secret helper in the form of a Finnish Formula 1 world champ. 

Now hiring

The North Pole needs your help, so Audi has pitched in and is on the lookout for a gift tester to give Santa some much-needed assistance.  

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