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Depending on the person, traveling long distances via bus can be a chore. If you're an individual with a low tolerance for tight spaces, who greatly values personal space, and is disgusted by the occasional crying baby, you could definitely do without spending extended hours seated inside a bus. For some, the experience can be draining.

Here's a solution for the picky traveler: the Dream Sleeper. The Dream Sleeper is a Japanese bus service by the Kanto Bus Company. It travels from Tokyo to Osaka—that's more or less 500km—and vice versa, and you can get a seat for around ¥18,000 (P8,000).

Now we know what you're thinking, and yes you can probably afford a domestic plane ticket here for that amount. True, but crying babies, remember? Besides, as you'll see in the video above (it's in Japanese by the way), the Dream Sleeper is no ordinary sleeper bus.

The vehicle offers passengers their own private sleeping quarter, cozy electric reclining seats, and amenities such as a USB port, audio system, WiFi connection, a hotel-like atmosphere, not to mention the cleanest bathroom you'll ever find on a bus. Nice.

While we still prefer traveling long distance by car, there's no denying the appeal of a relaxing bus ride when you're tired of being behind the wheel. Just watch the scenery whiz by, and arrive relaxed. 




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