Have you gone car-parts shopping on Evangelista St. already?

It’s a good alternative to Banawe
by Leandre Grecia | Jun 4, 2019
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Car owners understand the difficulty of looking for parts for and having repairs done on their rides, even in Banawe. A lot of us at some point in our lives have gone on almost day-long trips to this car guy’s heaven, only to drive home empty-handed. But have you tried looking elsewhere—like, say, in Evangelista?

Evangelista is a street in Makati City perpendicular to EDSA and Arnaiz Avenue that spans about 1.3km. It has an uncanny resemblance to that street in Quezon City—auto shops, replacement parts, tires and wheels, A/C repairs, and even car tint can be found left and right (not to mention barkers and runners swarm the place just like they do in Banawe).

Since we’ve only covered Banawe-specific stories for our readers, we figured that sharing  these Evangelista Street shopping tips would be appreciated as well.

1) Basically, all rules in Banawe apply in Evangelista as well.

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We’ve already written a horror story and released a guide, so you might want to check those out first in case you haven’t read them yet. Evangelista and Banawe are two very similar locations, so our tips and warnings apply to both.

2) If you live down south, Evangelista is much closer.

Banawe is much farther up north, and opting to take the shorter trip to Evangelista is a no-brainer. Unless you already have a contact in Banawe, you might as well drop by Evangelista first. And in case you do end up finding what you’re looking for there, then you’ve easily saved time and gas money that you would’ve spent had you gone to Banawe first.

3) Don’t mind paying a few extra hundred bucks more.

Whether Evangelista was the closer option to you or a last resort, you shouldn’t stress yourself out if the items there are a bit pricier. Finding what you need is still a winup to a certain point. You probably went to Evangelista because Banawe failed you, or you live south of the metro and wanted to be efficient with your shopping. As long as the Evangelista shop’s price isn’t bordering on highway robbery, the extra cost should be fine.

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4) Not everything can be found in Banawe.

Evangelista is shorter than Banawe—less than half the length of it, to be exact—but that doesn’t mean that the latter is a better location. There are items in Banawe that can’t be found in Evangelista, like brand-new aftermarket parts and accessories.  However, there are some artifacts or rare finds in Evangelista that you might not see elsewhere, too.

5) Mind the side streets.

Just like in any other shopping area, it’s easy to overlook the small shops located along the narrow streets intersecting Evangelista. It wouldn’t hurt to try checking them out. Maybe the car part you’d so desperately been looking for was waiting for you all along—you just had to dig deeper.

We hope you find these tips helpful. If you know of other locations similar to Banawe and Evangelista, please feel free to share them in the comments.

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PHOTO: Google Maps
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