Fancy a watch winder crafted from BMW engine?

Here's the Vulcan Innova M52
by Vernon B. Sarne | Jul 30, 2016

As we have already pointed out, cars and watches go together. Car guys have been known to be watch guys as well. And when we say watches, we don't mean G-Shocks and Swatches. We're referring to mechanical (automatic) collectibles.

Mechanical watches depend on your movement to keep themselves wound and functioning. It's okay if you only have one, because then it means you're wearing it all the time. The problem is when you start collecting timepieces. This naturally means there are days when you won't be able to wear a watch, which would drain its power reserve (typically 48 hours). And according to watch experts, this is not ideal. You need to make sure your watch is constantly ticking to keep it in tip-top shape.

This is where the watch winder comes in--a gadget whose only job is to provide movement to your dormant automatic wristwatch when you're not using it. And as watch winders go, the Vulcan Innova M52 is sure to appeal the most to car enthusiasts.

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As the name indicates, this winder is crafted from the BMW straight-six engine that did duty under the hood of the 3-Series, the 5-Series, the M3 and the Z3. Because this is a six-cylinder engine, six timepieces can be accommodated by the thing, which features three preprogrammed modes of operation (speed, acceleration and frequency are said to be adjustable).

We learned about this watch winder from this website. We can't ascertain the country of origin of this company, but they did provide an e-mail address for those who wish to inquire about this product: You need to hurry if you really want this, though, because only 52 units will be made. No pricing details have been provided.

If you're looking for a Christmas gift to yourself this year, look no further.


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PHOTO: Vulcan Innova
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