Best of YouTube: A detailed look at the Fast and the Furious Civics

Does anybody know what Hector’s running again?
by Lije Martin | Aug 26, 2019

How to build a movie car

Remember the Honda Civics that Dominic Toretto, Leon, and Letty used in the hijacking scene of The Fast and the Furious? If not, here’s a refresher courtesy of someone who’s personally worked with the cars on the set itself.

Son revives Dad’s ride after 37 years idle

This son surprised his dad with an appearance-restoration of their 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL. This was his dad’s daily car for a decade before it was abandoned in a garage for years...until now.

All aboard the ‘spool’ bus!

These guys are working on building a 500hp turbocharged school bus. We doubt any parents would be happy seeing their kids board this monster on a schoolday morning.

KTM-powered ‘Porsche’ looks like a blast to drive

A mad scientist by the name of Steve Hessick brings a miniature Porsche to life using a KTM engine. Now this is our kind of Frankenstein experiment.

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Everything you need to know about the Toyota FJ Cruiser

Like burly off-roaders? Like toys? Like burly off-roaders that look like toys? Then chances are you’re very fond of the FJ Cruiser, arguably Toyota’s most iconic go-anywhere offering. Here’s everything you need to know about the nameplate.

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