What's it like to use a Ferrari California T as your daily driver?

Not as glamorous as you think
by Drei Laurel | May 18, 2017

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Quick question: 36 hours behind the wheel of a Ferrari California T, what's your itinerary?

Race down the North Luzon Expressway at neck-breaking speeds with the top down? Sure, that's fine we guess. Pick up models outside a club in BGC? Enter a car show? We said you could drive it, not own it. Anyway, you're probably visualizing something along these lines--and that's fine. After all, it's not everyday you're handed the keys to a Prancing Horse, right?

Us though, we have other plans. We test what it'll be like to use a California T as a daily driver, and the answer might not be as glamorous as you think. Our schedule? A quick bite at a roadside gotohan, running a couple of errands, and something we've been looking forward to for a very long time—making tusok-tusok sa kanto with our Italian ride.

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Not so lavish now, is it? This is what spending all your dough on gas money gets you. Press play on the short video above to see what really happens when a normal person drives a Ferrari around town for 36 hours.

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