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This Ferrari Roma just got stuck in an Italian alley, and it’s painful to watch

That’ll leave a mark
PHOTO: SupercarsNews (from YouTube)

Whenever you’re unsure if the car you’re driving would fit through the space in front of you, it’s best to double-check first. There’s no shame in getting out just to take a quick look, especially if it’s a very, very narrow space we’re talking about. And when you’re really in doubt, it’ll be even better to just find a different route altogether.

These are things we reckon the owner of this Ferrari Roma wish he’d, er, stuck to when he was driving through some tight alleys in Italy. As you can see in the photo above, the V8 supercar was found stuck between two structures. The original clip—which is quite painful to watch—is currently making rounds on social media. Look:

It’s a shame to see this happening to any car, let alone to such a beautiful and properly engineered car like the Roma. No word if the car was already removed and how it was done, but we’re pretty sure that whatever damages the Ferrari incurred here will require a hefty amount of dough to fix. 

In any case, we hope this serves as a reminder to all of us to be extra careful out there, especially if we’re not very familiar with the roads we’re on or the car we’re driving. Or both.

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PHOTO: SupercarsNews (from YouTube)
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