Five things we like about the Toyota Wigo mini hatchback

It's not just the badge
by Jason Dela Cruz | Feb 26, 2014

Top Gear Philippines' first impressions and review of the Toyota Wigo

It was just a matter of time before Toyota Motor Philippines joined the mini hatchback party. With the new Wigo, the Japanese carmaker is finally in. Small cars are definitely popular now. Mini hatchbacks have increased in sales in the last two years, and Toyota is out to get a chunk of the pie.

If you are shopping for a car and thinking of getting a small hatchback, consider these five things we like about the new Wigo:

* An affordable car with the Toyota badge is always a winning combination. You get the solid reputation and reliability along with ownership cost that's easy on the budget.

* Toyota's new mini hatchback gives people accessibility to their first brand-new car purchase. With the retail price starting at P448,000, the Wigo is now the most affordable Toyota. Such a car offers mobility to the masses.

* The Wigo boasts a simple formula: Less is more. With the mini hatchback revolving around efficiency and relaxed enjoyment, you have less to worry about. The 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine combined with the small hatch exterior will be economical.

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* It's easy to maneuver around the city and easy to take out of town. The low curb weight will surely offer fun and agility. The Wigo also has spacious rear legroom and trunk space when you need it.

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* We just love little hatchbacks. The Wigo's front has presence, and the rear spoiler adds a sporty character. The Wigo is a cheap yet stylish way to get from point A to B. It's funky, too.

Photo by Dairy Darilag

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