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Best of YouTube: This Honda Civic’s aero is out of this world


Did somebody say downforce?

A car with good aftermarket support can provide an enthusiast with thousands of ways to customize his car. This owner, however, had something different in mind. The main attraction of this Honda Civic EG is its bodykit. With a lot of parts being homemade (like the fender made out of sheet metal), this hatchback turned out to be a really mean build. We like it.

Roadster showdown

Roadsters are known for a variety of things, two of them being good looks and great handling. Both the Lotus Elise and the Honda S2000 are gorgeous roadsters, but which one can take down the other on the track?

Dedication, dedication, dedication

Work-in-progress videos are satisfying to watch. It’s like seeing pieces of a puzzle falling into place slowly but surely. One example is this guy’s dedication is to his Ford Mustang. It packs 600hp, a turbocharger, and what looks to be some meaty off-road tires.

Transmissions 101

The transmission is a huge part of a car’s driving dynamics, and this component has changed a lot through the years. They’ve become more complicated, more efficient, and more varied. Here’s a short beginner’s guide to transmissions.

Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, though…

This Mercedes-Benz truck is not a 4x4, no. It has an 8x8 drivetrain helping it claw its way through off-road terrain. Now fill it with cases of beer, install a rocking audio system, and you can party anywhere.

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