The Honda Civic Type R is worth the wait

The hype is real
by Jason Tulio | Oct 4, 2017


How far would you go for a one-night tryst with the car of your dreams? What price would you pay to drive a nameplate you've worshipped for decades? For us, the Honda Civic Type R has always ranked high on the list of cars we'd chop an arm and a leg off for just so we can get close enough to caress its bright red badge. Thankfully, our prayers were answered by Honda Cars Philippines—sans the Star Wars-style severed limbs. 

For our October 2017 issue's cover story, we got the chance to take the Civic Type R out for a brief spin at night. While our road space and time behind wheel were limited, the experience was enough to sample the car's much sought-after appeal. The manual transmission was forgiving, it handled well, and those 316 horses were just eager to please. And that design is something that looks straight from the sketches of a Honda fanboy.

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Want to see more of our Type R rendezvous? Click play on our video and grab a copy of our October 2017 issue, where we also featured another pair of Honda legends. 

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