One of the first Type R owners is a racer

This is the first red Type R we've seen
by Dinzo Tabamo | Nov 25, 2017

While new owners of the Honda Civic Type R can do whatever they want with the coveted hatchback, it's nice to see one example going to someone who can bring out its potential. 

We were in Honda Cars Quezon City recently, one of the premier dealerships of the Yuchengco Group, and we witnessed the special turnover of one bright red Honda Civic Type R to its lucky new owner. No less than Honda Cars Philippines president and general manager Noriyuki Takakura and House of Investments president Medel Nera were in attendance. The recipient was Dr. Willie Torres, the Davao-based president of the University of Mindanao. 

He is also a bona fide car nut. He has been into (legal) drag racing since 2003, and in 2011 he switched to circuit racing via the Philippine GT Car Championship. And guess what car he used in those days? The Honda Civic SiR—a model that still commands a stratospheric resale value in the used car market. 

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So it's a full circle for the gentleman racer now that he's getting the latest desirable Honda sports hatch. When asked if he will race his new Type R, he glanced at the shimmering red paint job and the beautiful finish and we sensed his hesitation. Perhaps just track days in the meantime, said Dr. Torres.

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Watch our video above for a longer look at the red Type R and its new master. 

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PHOTO: Mark Jesalva
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