The Honda Mobilio RS gets a much-needed design upgrade

Not your regular family hauler
by Drei Laurel | Jul 19, 2017

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Let's cut straight to the point: the Honda Mobilio is a practical and reliable seven-seat MPV that looks like a stretched Brio. Whether that last bit is a good or bad thing is entirely up to you. Fortunately, we think the arrival of its refresh and the new RS variant will eliminate any debate regarding its style altogether.

Gone are the vehicle's bug-eyed headlights, replaced by a more macho-looking pair more akin to the rest of Honda's lineup. The rest of the front end is sportier, too, and the vehicle gets RS-style 15in aluminum alloy wheels, a gloss-black grille, and (finally) an RS badge up front. It also comes in a much livelier Phoenix Orange Pearl paint finish.

The interior gets an overhaul as well, as the previous one has been replaced by a trim and layout near-identical to that of the Jazz. That's a good thing by the way.

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Finally, the Mobilio RS has looks fitting of the 'Road Sailing' (which is what 'RS' stands for) name. Want to see more of this sporty new mom mobile? Just press play on the short video above.

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