This is Kanye West’s Lamborghini Urus

The man has interesting taste in cars
by Tom Harrison | Mar 16, 2019
PHOTO: Just A Wrap on Instagram

Usually, we don’t really care what celebrities do to their cars. It’s none of our business, after all. But today is different, for actual real-life human being and possible future President of the United States Kanye West (ahem) has done some things to his Lamborghini Urus (Ye-rus?). And you need to see them.

First up, the color. There’s no getting around it—it’s beige. Very beige. It’s just a wrap (by, uh, Just A Wrap), not paint, so Kanye can swap it out for something brighter if he so chooses. Then there are the wheels, which are from a company called Boyd Coddington and were apparently designed by Mr. West himself.

No word on whether or not he’s done anything underneath. Not that there’s any need—from the factory, the Urus uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 producing 641hp and 849Nm of torque, giving 0-100kph in 3.6sec. Weighs a fair bit—around 2.2 tons—but myriad chassis systems mean it can do really quite outrageous things. Wonder if Kanye’s ever taken it on track? We have—read our full review by clicking on these words.

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The Urus is pretty controversial at the best of times, and Kanye’s mods have only made it more so. Do we like it? Not telling. We’re gonna leave you guys to fight it out in the comments.

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PHOTO: Just A Wrap on Instagram
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