The Kia Picanto is now a cute little hatch

The new design gets an A+
by Jason Tulio | Sep 21, 2017


We car guys love to rub elbows and spout off about engine performance, fuel economy, aerodynamics, and whatever else. We scoff at the so-called fools who only praise cars for their looks, especially when they use words like "cute." Ugh, shudder the thought, right?

Yeah, right. Face it, no matter how hardcore you think your gearhead-ness is, we're still suckers for a car that looks good. The fact that people spend thousands of pesos on aesthetic modifications is proof of that. Design is the reason we were so enamored by the all-new Kia Picanto at first glance. 

Where the old one could be described as quirky, this new version is much sportier while still retaining the cutesy side. The European influence really shines through. This particular test unit came in a slick white color with fine red accents, complemented by the black details on the front fascia.

Inside, the fit and finish is absolutely pristine. Save for the woefully outdated head unit, the interior is already worth the price tag. 

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What else is there to like about this good-looking, all-new hatchback? Click play on our video to find out. 

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