The Stinger is here, and it wants to change the way we see Kia

The Stinger has arrived, and it’s here to stay
by Jason Tulio | Jul 16, 2019

We’re dreamers over here at Top Gear PH. Why else would we be in this line of work, if not to live out our fantasies of being around cars?

If we had to guess, we’d say that the people over at Kia Philippines share our idealism. You see, the Korean carmaker underwent a resurgence as of late, being relaunched under the auspices of AC Industrials—the same outfit responsible for Volkswagen and KTM.

As a returning brand, Kia had something to prove. And at first, it kicked off its campaign by launching the Soluto, a subcompact sedan geared to take over the Toyota Vios’s domain. After that, Kia revealed the pièce de résistance of its comeback: the Stinger. Again, we’re dreamers, so we had always hoped the Stinger would make its way over to the Philippines. But to see it actually happen was something else entirely. Oh, to dream. 

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But it’s here, and it’s here to not only thrill us on the road, but also to change the way we see Kia as a brand. Check out our video review above to see what it’s like behind the wheel, and read our Launch Pad story on the rear-wheel-drive car to learn more. 

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