Here's when you know your kid is ready to take the wheel--solo

They grow up so fast
by Drei Laurel | Jul 30, 2018

Kids: As much as you love them, there will always be instances when they can get on your nerves, or try their darndest to push your patience to its limits. Raising them is as much a test as it is a gift.

The above mindset couldn't be more apparent than when your son or daughter finally reaches driving age. There are two ways a parent will view a car when this happens--either as a coming-of-age symbol, or a metal death trap on wheels. Hell, maybe even both.

Whichever way you look at it, driving is a responsibility that should be earned and not given. So last week we asked you guys, our readers, when you knew for sure that your kids were ready to be handed the keys and take a car out into the world without your supervision. Your answers were as follows:

1) When they've mastered the art of sneaking out:

Mark Anthony Ilagan: "When they take the car out without telling anyone LOL."

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John Francis Villamor: "When one early morning you wake up and, while sipping your morning coffee and strolling into the garage, you suddenly feel that the engine hood is warm."

Sarah Sacramento: "When she sneaks the car out one too many times."

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Gabriel Rongo Murillo: "If you caught him driving someone else's car."

2) Once they have the means financially:

Raul Vicedo: "Once they have their own gas money."

Leon Zepol: "When he/she can afford to maintain the car."

Lawrence F. Refugia: "If he can afford all the expenses, maintenance, and gas."

3) When they learn that with great power comes great responsibility:

Rommel Blando: "When the necessity to learn how to drive is greater than the urge to show off to friends."

Jayvee Balunsat: "If he/she values another life already."

Ian Sto. Domingo Hilario: "If they can brake it gently."

Raymond Josef Regudo: "When he can pronounce Koenigsegg and Peugeot properly."

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Norman Genosa: "When she started to wash the car herself."

4) Dudes who are going to have very happy kids growing up:

Juuzo Suzuya: "When he or she hates commuting."              

Aliver Malabanan Dimacisil: "When he asks."

Zajed Makakua: "When puberty strikes."

Josh Rondo: "When he can drift."

Camanares Mark Lloyd: "When they turn 18, I guess."

5) Finally, these guys:

Cil Reyes Veloria: "Drive what?"

Joshy Josh Lois Baun: "You joking? Haha."

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