The Lexus LC, UX, and ES star in Japanese manga artwork

“They’re a lot harder to draw than characters”
by Vijay Pattni | Jun 8, 2019
PHOTO: Daniel Atanasov

Lexus has commissioned three artists to create three rather unique pieces of art celebrating the Japanese form of manga. That’s why, at this moment, you’re staring at a samurai warrior atop a Lexus LC fleeing an exploding city. Yup, today just got that little bit better.

That first image comes courtesy of Daniel Atanasov, a Bulgarian-born artist who wanted to fuse his ideas on sci-fi, adventure, and martial arts. Job done, we’d wager.

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The second image is via Yishan Li, who wanted to depict a woman sitting on her Lexus UX by the shore, “relaxing after completing a big creative project.”

“There are so many precise curves and design elements,” Li said about the UX. “They’re a lot harder to draw than characters.”

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The third image is of a Lexus ES hot-footing its way out of the path of a particularly angry dragon. Which is some flight of fancy considering the ES is a hybrid sedan with 210hp. Still, dragons.

“In Japanese culture, dragons are shown to be incredibly powerful and proud creatures that represent courage and strength,” explains artist Timothy Kong.

Cool, no?

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PHOTO: Daniel Atanasov
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