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by Jason Tulio | Dec 26, 2018

We could ogle good-looking cars all day long. I mean, we kind of already do that and consider it another day in the office. But even if motoring journalism weren’t our day job, we’d still get a kick out of admiring the world’s finest automobiles.

In this video, Dubai-based YouTuber Mo Vlogs showcases one of the many kick-ass garages that can be found in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai, as many of you will know, has an insane car culture, with many of its residents driving some truly insane luxury models.

Mo and his sister take a tour of Deals on Wheels, one of the city’s premier pre-owned supercar dealerships. As you’d expect, there’s plenty of metal to drool over throughout the entire video. If you have a multi-car garage, you can also take some inspiration from the lighting layout that Mo implements at home—it’s actually inspired by the lights seen at Deals on Wheels.

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Our favorite part is when the two check out a BMW key at the dealership. It’s almost like a mini-smartphone, complete with a touchscreen display and controls for the car. Okay, enough from us. Click play and enjoy.

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