This tuned Mercedes-Benz hot hatch has supercar-level power

It puts out nearly 500 horses
by Greg Potts | Mar 26, 2020

Did you ever think Mercedes-AMG was being a bit cautious when it only managed to get 415hp from a turbocharged 2.0-liter four pot? Us, neither. The folks over at RaceChip clearly do though, because they’ve just announced an A45 S with 484hp.

Almost five hundred horsepower. In a hot hatch. There’s barely a spare inch in the A45’s engine bay, so the German tuner put all of its efforts into refining and optimizing the software in the engine management system. Yep, it’s an extra 69hp and 41Nm of torque from a remap.

The new ECU will be available for sale, and apparently only takes between 35-40 minutes to install. You can even do it yourself if you’ve got a ramp at your disposal. Has there ever been an easier way to access ridiculous levels of power?

No price has been announced as of yet, but it should be a bargain given that you’ll end up with an AMG hatch that has the same amount of power as a Ferrari F430. What do you think?

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