Spec-sheet brawl: Ford EcoSport versus Nissan Juke

Pick your subcompact crossover
by Drei Laurel | Jan 28, 2016

Nissan Juke and Ford Ecosport

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that subcompact crossovers have quickly become a popular choice among city-dwellers. Versatile functionality and small dimensions make these rides a sound pick when it comes to plying the tight streets of Metro Manila. And when you take into account their reasonable prices, it only makes it that much more tempting to settle for one of these instead of a full-size SUV.

The Nissan Juke and the Ford EcoSport are two of the more popular vehicles in this segment. Both offer drivers with excellent maneuverability suited to an urban environment. Styling-wise, however, the two couldn't be farther apart. The EcoSport is noticeably humble in demeanor, while the quirky-looking Juke looks as though it craves attention on the road.

So unless you're focusing on appearance, choosing between these two subcompact crossovers won't be easy. We thus pit them in a spec-by-spec infographic to help potential buyers make an informed decision. And then maybe you can help your fellow car-shoppers make up their mind by taking the poll after the infographic.

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Have fun!

Infographic by Audrey Faye Lacsamana


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