The Subaru Palm Challenge brings families closer together

As told by the last Filipino standing
by Jason Tulio | Nov 10, 2017

The title of this article might sound strange to those familiar with the Subaru Palm Challenge. The annual event is a test of human endurance and will where contestants fight against the elements, their own physiological needs, and mental adversity for days, all for the chance to win a brand-new Subaru. How, you might be asking, does something like this bring families closer together?

This year, the Philippines' sole representative remaining in the final three was Filmark Bernante. Though he came short of the grand prize, he lasted a remarkable 73 hours and 48 minutes, overcoming the humid heat and torrential rains of Singapore. His endurance came in no small part because of his supporting and loving wife, Genie.

For the first time in Filmark's four years joining the Challenge, Genie made the trip to the Lion City alongside him. This, Filmark said, helped him to endure the inevitable body pains and hallucinations to maintain his focus. And as hard as it was for Genie to watch her husband go through such hardships, she remained on the sidelines giving him the support he needed.

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Beyond winning a new car, the Subaru Palm Challenge has plenty of inspirational tales about the importance of family. Watch our video to hear the heartwarming story of the Bernantes.

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