Take a tip from us: 5 gift ideas for car-crazy fathers

Which one will your dad like?
by Niky Tamayo | Jun 15, 2014

It's Father's Day, a day to celebrate all things manly. And what could be manlier than a motoring-themed Father's Day gift? If you're stumped as to which gift to give your old man, let us make a few suggestions to make last-minute shopping just a little bit easier.

Father's Day special: Five gift ideas for dads

1. Lego Creator Mini Cooper

For just a hundred dollars (about P4,400), you get a 1,077-piece Lego kit of one of the most iconic cars of all time. Okay, so some might object that Lego bricks are for kids, but we're dads...and we're still totally smitten. If the picnic basket doesn't tickle his fancy, the accurate twin SU carburetors should seal the deal. It's not out yet, but it's available for pre-order online.

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Father's Day special: Five gift ideas for dads

2. Recaro office chair

During those long days at the office in interminable meetings and boring multimedia presentations, dad faces aggravating stress, hair loss and backache. Recaro's office chairs may not be able to cure hair loss, but their ergonomic design, born of years of motorsports experience, gives them unparalleled comfort and support.

The full-fat all-leather Recaro 24H costs a whopping P180,000, but local distributor Excellar Enterprises can convert any model into an office chair for an additional P35,000. An entry price of P88,000 (including the chair) sounds pretty reasonable for the fastest chair in the office.


Father's Day special: Five gift ideas for dads

3. Optimus Prime ballpen

It's not strictly a motoring gift per se, but when signing contracts, dad can confidently tell his clients that he's got "The Touch." This fully posable Optimus Prime toy transforms into--duh?--a ballpen. It comes in red and black, as well as a Japan-exclusive silver Ultra Magnus variant. If you actually know who Ultra Magnus is, chances are you'll be buying this pen for yourself instead of your dad.

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Release is slated for October or November, but it's already available for pre-order at a number of online vendors. Expect it to set you back around P3,500 with shipping. And expect dad to be antsy for having to wait four more months for his gift.

Father's Day special: Five gift ideas for dads

4. Puma driving shoes

For fathers who love to drive, a good pair of driving shoes is a must. Now, race-spec boots are just a bit too hardcore for walking around the mall. It's also hard to source driving shoes like Piloti here, and alternatives like the Drive Pilot--available at Porsche Design at Megamall and Resorts World--are expensive at around P20,000.

Fortunately, Puma carries a line of affordable driving shoes, starting with the Racing Cat at P3,000, and culminating in the P5,300 EvoSpeed F1, a futuristic low-cut leather boot with a flat, grippy sole and an asymmetrical design. His poor, tired feet will love you for this.

Pro-tip: Make sure you know which Formula 1 team dad is rooting for before buying any branded F1 merchandise!


Father's Day special: Five gift ideas for dads

5. Toyota Racing School

If your dad is more focused on the thrill of victory than the agony of his feet, then perhaps he'll enjoy spending more time on the racetrack. If he's game, you can enroll him for just P5,000 in the Toyota Racing School, run by Tuason Racing School.

Here, he'll get to drive in the same cars as celebrity racers Phoemela Baranda and Rhian Ramos. No, he won't get to sit in the car with them. Mom would object! But he will get a half-day Beginner's Class, covering the basics of driving at speed. If he's already handy around the racetrack, there's the P20,000 Advanced Circuit Class, a one-day course preparing him for running in the Vios Cup. All courses include use of the car, tires, helmet and suit; fuel; and a gift pack.

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If your father is really into racing, entry into the Vios Cup comes free with the purchase of the Vios Cup Car. P1.195 million might sound like a lot for a 1.5-liter subcompact sedan, but with a fully certified roll cage, kill switch, TRD suspension, limited-slip differential, exhaust, clutch, Bridgestone RE-11 tires and other goodies, it's a grand bargain for a stripped-down, race-ready track car. This is one "slow car" that's truly fast. Granted, er, it might be out of your budget, but a full season of racing would make for a much longer and involved father-son project than a Lego kit.

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