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This salesman will remind you of your own bad car-shopping experience

So incompetent you will cry

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The salesperson is the customer's first meaningful contact with a car brand. We don't care how glossy an automotive company's advertising campaign is, its business will fail if it's employing incompetent salespeople. We all have stories in this area: the salesman who is incredibly rude, the one who doesn't have a single clue about the specs of the car, or the one who squeezes every single peso out of your bank account.

The Ellen Show creates a caricature of the bad car salesperson with this video skit, starring one of the show's writers, who went to a Chevrolet dealership in Chicago and posed as a showroom employee. The result is flat-out hilarious. Imagine being attended to by a car salesman who mouths off these lines:

"The door handles are standard."

"The brakes are optional."

"The backseat is big enough for sex."

And be sure to watch that part where he explains the dealership's "legacy loan option." We thoroughly enjoyed this bit.

Anyway, we won't reveal any more details and spoil the fun. Watch the video now. Thank us later.


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