You’ll soon be able to watch ‘Voltes V’ and ‘Daimos’ on YouTube

Courtesy of Japanese company Toei Animation’s upcoming channel
by Leandre Grecia | Mar 20, 2020
PHOTO: Toei Animation

It’s only been less than a week—yes, it hasn’t been that long yet—since the government implemented a Luzon-wide community quarantine that has many of us locked up inside our homes right now.

While we might not know when this entire COVID-19 situation will end, we can assume one thing: A lot of Filipinos are looking for ways to pass the time. If you’re one of those people, then you’re in luck, because Japanese company Toei Animation has announced that it will be launching its own YouTube channel where anyone from across the Globe (except Japan) can watch reruns of classic anime and live-action shows.

As of this writing, the full schedule hasn’t been released yet, but there are a total of 70 titles to be aired—a handful of which have already been revealed. The list includes Voltes V and Daimos, two titles which are pretty popular on this side of the continent. For the partial list of shows and their corresponding release dates, you can read on below.


Releases (First Round)

  • April 6 - Episodes 1 and 2 of all 70 shows (with English subtitles)
  • April 13 - Episodes 3 and 4 of NATIONAL KID (to be updated on Mondays)
  • April 14 - Episodes 3 and 4 of SUKI SUKI MAJO SENSEI (to be updated on Tuesdays)
  • April 15 - Episodes 3 and 4 of ROBOT 8-CHAN (to be updated on Wednesdays)
  • April 16 - Episodes 3 and 4 of SPACE COP GAVAN (to be updated on Thursdays)
  • April 17 - Episodes 3 and 4 of JASPION and HARD GUMI (both to be updated on Fridays)
  • April 18 - Episodes 3 and 4 of MAGICAL GIRL CHUKANA PAIPAI and WINSPECTOR (both to be updated on Saturdays)
  • April 19 - Episodes 3 and 4 of COMBATTLER V and GORENGER (both to be updated on Sundays)

Other shows (Partial List)

  • From the ’60s: CAPTAIN ULTRA, YOKAI BUGEICHO, and more
  • From the ’70s: JAKQ, DEAR ROBOTTIE!, MESSAGE FROM SPACE, and more
  • From the ’80s: SPACE COP SHARIVAN, and more
  • From the ’90s: POITRINE, CHANZERION, and more
  • Anime: DALTANIUS, DAIMOS, and more
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“At launch, we will have the first two episodes of all 70 shows available with English subtitles! Further episodes will be available in Japanese for now, but there could be frequent updates. We plan on making a public call for subtitles in any language,” the company’s statement reads.

What say you, Internet? Will you check this channel out once it opens?

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PHOTO: Toei Animation
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